Buying A Ticket

Q. How early can I buy a ticket?
A. Tickets can be bought as early as 90 days from the intended date of departure.

Q. Where can I buy tickets?
A. Tickets can be bought at online at www.morazaexpress.my, Easybook and Eticketing, and at all authorized ticketing counters.

Q. Are there any discounted tickets for children, senior citizens and persons with disabilities (OKUs)?
A. We are sorry that we do not provide a separate ticketing scheme for children, senior citizens and persons with disabilities (OKUs).

Q. Why does Moraza Express charged higher prices as compared to other operators?
A. As with other Executive-class coach operators, our prices reflect the premium and standards of the services that we provide. However, we offer competitively ticket prices keeping in mind affordability to the masses.

Q. Are there any difference in ticket prices bought online and over-the-counter?
A. We are pleased to offer a single ticket price regardless of the ticketing platform used for purchase.

Q. Are there any booking or administrative fees for online purchase?
A. There are no additional miscellaneous fees charged to the ticket prices.

Q. Can I buy tickets from the coach captains?
A. Tickets can only be bought online and at our ticketing counters.

Q. I tried making an online booking, but I can’t find any available trips. Why is that so?
A. Normally, in such situations, seats are fully booked and hence, they are no longer available for purchase. You may wish to find an alternative departure time instead.Due to exigencies in our resources, certain trips may not be operated as per the regular published schedule. Moraza Express reserves the right to cancel trips without prior notice, when necessary. Please refer under the XXX section for more information.

Q. I have not received my email confirmation after I booked online, what should I do?
A. You may wish to check your Spam/Junk Inbox first before contacting us. If you have made a purchase at our website, please let us know as soon as you can via our social media platforms. If you have made a purchase at either Easybook or ETicketing, you must contact them immediately. You are advised to have your payment and contact details to facilitate our checks.

Q. What should I do if I have lost my ticket?
A. You may refer to the previous question.

Before Boarding

Q. What are the things that I need to do before departure?
A. Do ensure that you have your ticket/booking voucher with you before arriving at the bus station/terminal. You may also approach our friendly ticketing agents if you have any enquiries.

Q. How early should I be at the bus station/terminal?
A. You are strongly advised to be at the bus station/terminal at least 15 minutes before departure. This will ensure timely departure and prevent any inconveniences to other fellow passengers.

Q. Are there any luggage restrictions?
A. There are no luggage restrictions imposed on our passengers. If you are carrying bulky items, please stow them at the luggage compartment before boarding.

During Your Journey

Q. What are the services available onboard the coaches?
A. Our double-decker coaches’ seats 38 passengers on both decks in a 2+1 VIP seating configuration. Each seat is equipped with USB ports and power sockets, and is fully-reclinable. Free high-speed WIFI is provided throughout the journey, and each passenger is given a complimentary bottle of Tropicana Twister and a blanket.

Q. Are there toilets/lavatories on your coaches?
A. There are no toilets or lavatories on our coaches.

Q. What if I need to go to the toilet?
A. Our coaches will stop at an R&R for a short break. Passengers may utilize the toilet facilities available at the R&R. Passengers can also inform our coach captain to stop at a nearby facility should a passenger needs to use the toilet urgently.

Q. Which R&R facility will the coaches be stopping at for breaks?
A. The R&R facility location will be made known to the passengers by the coach captain prior to the journey.

Q. Are we allowed to bring food and drinks onboard the coaches?
A. To maintain cleanliness and for the comfort of all passengers onboard, we would strongly advise against consuming heavy meals on the coach. We would also like to remind all passengers to dispose any rubbish at the trash bins provided on the coach.

Do you have any query about our services? Contact us now by submit your email to info@morazaexpress.my